If you have been hearing a lot about Shamballa bracelets and wondering why the hype about an accessory, it signifies that you need to take some time off your tight schedule to learn about Shamballa bracelets and their significance. To begin with, Shamballa bracelets are not just an accessory. They are unique, not just because of their looks but because of the message they convey. The internet is full of information on the history of Shamballa bracelets, its uniqueness, benefits and many topics on what makes them special. Here are some facts about Shamballa bracelets and their specialties.

Shamballa bracelet

Green Shamballa bracelet

Shamballa Bracelets – The History

Inspired by the philosophies of Buddhism and the mythical kingdom Shamballa, the beads, popularly known as Shamballa beads were used by the Buddhists. This mythical kingdom is said to be abundant in peace and harmony. Used by the Buddhists initially while at meditation, Shamballa beads took a different form, however retaining its essence. Shamballa beads are now worn all over the world.


Shamballa bracelets are made of various types of materials. If you were to consider the physical qualities of Shamballa bracelets, you will find them looking great and made in a plethora of materials. Their physical qualities apart, Shamballa bracelets possess the qualities to address health conditions and improve one’s personality traits. Some of the colors in Shamballa bracelets are associated with Seven Chakras and hence they address certain medical conditions. Thus Shamballa bracelets set themselves apart with the meaning and benefits they have to offer.


We find many bracelets in the market. Some are unique and intricately designed. Some are very attractive and compel you to buy them immediately. Amidst the wide range of bracelets in the market, Shamballa bracelets stand apart for their specialty. Everything about the bracelet is special. Its history, meaning, medicinal value and the special knots make the bracelet unique.

The cording technique of the bracelets places them apart from other bracelets. The cording technique primarily used is the square and sliding knot technique. The skills of intricate artisanship is required in making these square knots, which prevent the bracelet from twisting. Shamballa bracelets are attractive regardless of the materials used thanks to the special knots used in the making of these bracelets.

Once the square knots are made perfectly, the chosen beads are positioned in the knots. The knots not only make the bracelet attractive but also the sliding knots at both the ends make the bracelet adjustable and wearable by all regardless of the wrist size.

Meaning And Making Behind The Uniqueness Of Shamballa Bracelets

The meaning of each color in Shamballa bracelets adds priceless value to the accessory. Every bead is said to possess certain qualities and every color is associated with certain traits. While all these make the bracelets unique, the knots and the unique cording technique make them look gorgeous. The cording technique helps you to get creative once you get hold of the basics. Shamballa bracelets are loved by everyone, as the scope to make them unique is limitless. The special knots hold your attention and highlight the attraction of Shamballa bracelets.

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For most women, to complete a wardrobe, one must have a pair of good quality, sexy and fashionable boots. Since not all women may look good on all types of boots careful consideration of the material, length and size is necessary when buying a pair. Leather boots are renowned for their durability that women could use them for many years.


Credit: Flickr

Some women can be a little picky when it comes to leather boots. Since they all have different taste many manufacturers tend to address all their needs and produced various sizes, length and designs of leather boots. Choosing the right length of the boots you wear is important. This is the reason why you have to find a perfect pair that suits your body type. The weather is another consideration when getting a pair of boots. Although many critics believed that fashion depends on the way the wearer carries the boots, it is still ideal to know the length that suits you best.

If you are one of those that cannot decide for the right length of your boots you may find the following tips helpful.

  • Your body shape is one of the most important things that you have to consider when choosing a pair of boots. This will determine the length of the boots that you have to purchase. If your body has little extra pounds but you are not fat and you want to look slimmer wearing knee high leather boots might do the trick. These are the right kind of boots that will create an illusion of longer legs. If your legs are short you can still have these types but do not choose those that include enormous ornamental details because these designs will make your boots appear shorter. If you have slim calves, a mid-calf boots can be a good choice for you because they can make your legs appear wider.
  • The boots that you will wear should also compliment with your height. If you are short and want to feel more comfortable, wear mid calf length boots. There are also tall ladies boots in which the length reaches up above the knee. This can be the perfect choice if you are tall but you must avoid choosing boots with too many accessories.
  • Consider the style you want to create. If you want boots that will make you appear daring, sexy and provocative, you can choose a thigh high boots. These can be the perfect accessory for a night out but not good accessory for an office outfit. These are mostly recommended for tall ladies. Short ladies who will try to wear these types would appear shorter being swallowed by its length.

Whatever type of leather boots you decide to purchase it is important that you will feel comfortable wearing it. Considering the tips above will not only help you choose the boots that will add ease in walking but it will also enhance your appearance making you look beautiful and attractive. Leather boots may come in a variety of styles, length and color that you will surely find the perfect pair for every occasion and season. What is important when buying a pair is to ensure that it fits you perfectly and you will not feel uncomfortable moving around.

Author bio: Jane is a fashion designer. She has been very particular about the choice of tall ladies boots in terms of women’s fashion.

With autumn just around the corner, fashionistas around the world drool over the new fashion trends. Although spring is already done, designers give us a hope for the next, very interesting and girly season. There’s no compromise in fashion these days – Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks were loaded with trend after trend! Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the very best and brand new winter 2012 trends. You must have already spotted a difference in how girls dress themselves since it’s been getting colder and colder.

Barbara Bui fall

Barbara Bui fall and winter

Layering is the keyword but what are actually layers that we’re going to sport this season? First of all, we need to talk about the cover ups. As of coats, there is a womanly cape, also associated with fall’s gothic trend, a voluminous coat as seen in Jil Sander in various colours from pastels to seductive red, there are also parkas and military jackets that bring in the very popular military look. Some trends from spring and summer remain unchanged, for example military fashion with sharp edges and crisp colours. There is also a peplum detail especially at waist but this fall it’s accessorized differently. Think about the trendy Peter Pan collar and a gold cuff. Does that sound familiar?

There isn’t much difference in hair trends either. Sienna Miller’s lovers, I have some good news for you! You can still recreate intricate hairstyles consisting of braids, especially an utterly girlie Heidi braid. However, a lot has changed in the terms of make up. First of all, colours are pulling from fall’s natural pallette which includes dark red above all. Therefore, your number 1 on the fall’s shopping list should be a romantic burgundy lipstick that will cover your mouth with endless sophistication and make you the most fashion-conscious one.

Another makeup product we’re already obsessing over from winter 2012 makeup trend collections is a unusual blue mascara that makes your lashes stand out more (no eyeshadow needed!) as seen in various fashion shows. Don’t worry, these hot new makeup looks were pretty on the Fashion Week catwalks and will also look gorgeous in a real life. What should you be buying this season? Ladies, print out this season style trend guide for the next time you go clothes shopping!

Monika Jac Jagaciak

What’s on in fashion today?

First of all, go for beautiful leather. There’s a wide variety of pieces to choose from: the most typical leather jacket, or leggings for a traditional look or a leather dress for a ladylike attitude. Go for oversized pants, popularised by fashionably impeccable Serena van der Woodsen from the Gossip Girl TV series. Think about 1600s, as seen in Dolce & Gabbana catwalk with lavish gold embellishments, and Rococo-inspired trompe l’oeil panels. Channel your inner goth in a head-to-toe black ensemble includeing a dark cape, a sheer lacy dress and the amazing the aura of mystery. What’s your opinion on the fall 2012 trends for women? Do you find anything interesting for you? What will you sport? I will probably go for a sexy military look 2012 during the day and for a decadent Baroque interpretation by the night.

Shoes are most women’s favourite fashion detail. Every season boot tendances alter and therefore it’s crucial to know what is on-trend and what isn’t. Always the most dramatic fashion mistake is to use apparel that was en vogue last season. Are you interested in which shoes made it to the top of 2012 list? High heels here stilettos there, high heels everywhere! It must be something special about the wish of looking a little bit taller, making your calf muscles looking strained. It’s also about turning yourself into a celebrity like Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba or Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz.

spice girls style

Spice Girls: were they stylish?

In 2012 it must be Christian Louboutin or Nicholas Kirkwood. Definitely! Chunky heels well they look kind of sturdy to me, but some shoes can be really mind-blowing. I am not personally a fan of these rounded toes, so the option of squared toe is a true redemption to most fashionistas! Yet another amazingly hot 2012 shoes trend for winter is…open toe boots worn with tights as seen on Vanessa Hudgens. Previously considered a fashion faux-pas, but absolutely NOT this time. Also Oxford shoes women have been a huge trend among numerous female stars.

Oxford shoes

Sienna Miller wears trendy Oxford shoes

Also, there is another shoe trend that will make you look totally girly this year, and it’s long, above the knee boots. It’s even twice as trendy if they are made of suede, which – without any question – is a challenge in the terms of maintenance. Also, beware of what you pair with the boots so as to avoid looking tacky. Yet another outstanding and rather spit-and-polish trend are lace up shoes. It depends on the style, but basically this season there’s no place for modesty. Apart from lace-ups, there are also Mary-Janes – beloved by many celebrities, reptile leathers – right from the jungle and cute, Pocahontas-like shoes with fringe detailing (have you ever had a fringe bag too?). The other trend worth trying are combat boots women, the military-inspired boots as seen on Jessica Alba who loves to accessorize them with ladylike frocks and bold jewelry.

Some of the most renowned Hollywood actresses and supermodelsstarlets} have been known to set fire on stage with their glam faces and jaw dropping complexion. Many of us are curious about the latest celebrity style and fashion, attire, accessories and beauty tips so it’s no wonder they follow their styles while developing their personal image.

celebrity fashion

The example of celebrity fashion: coloured coat

The beauty of their skin, and the fabulous hourglass silhouettes have been a talk amongst many and envy for a big lot too. The nop-notch secret behind some of the greatest A-listers have been revealed. These celebs give credit to the beauty treatments where amazing products obtained from unimaginable sources.

One of the most high-maintenance female stars is Victoria Beckham, David Beckham’s wife, mother of four, entrepreneur, fashionista and ex-Spice Girl. Duh, looks like Victoria has a lot of titles. Basically, she has loves designingtalking about fashion}, this is by far her favourite pastime. Victoria admitted she uses a special facial cream made of bird’s poo which is totally bizarre. But what’s sure, Mrs Beckham is the ultimate fashionista and she definitely loves to be dressed well!

When it comes to dressing up, winterl is by far our favourite fashion season. Women areound the world get to use their creativity in mixing styles, and this is something you can’t do in summer. It’s also the time when the upcoming trends are being showcased. One of the new dress trends for women is a bodycon dress which stands for body conscious. These styles are made of elastic materials that simply cling onto the body of the girl. The curves or the lack of them are made obvious with these designs. The first fact to be noted about bodycon dresses is that only one with a figure to show off can reach out for this style. Apparently, this is the favourite dress style of Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie.

Angelina Jolie picture

Angelina Jolie is one of the best dressed celebrities

Apart from the new pieces which are revealed on catwalks worldwide there is a base, the essential part of every wardrobe. These are so called staples, clothes which you are going want to wear for seasons and seasons to come – trust us! It is for sure, a little white dress, a white shirt, a pair of straight and the ankle boots. Either staples or fashion trends have to paired with a suitable makeup and nail colour.

Talking about makeup, there’s something special about these special smokey, smoldering eyes that make a nightout look complete. Even the your favourite red carpets prove just how timeless and dramatic this eye makeup is! But what if you lack the time, or plain magical hands to transform those plain eyes with a touch of eye cosmetics? What could potentially save the day (or ladies’ night)? A perfect smokey eye makeup and a beautiful Marchesa dress!

LITCHFIELD—The Manolo Blahnik sample shoe sale returns again this year, and women all over the region and beyond will get the chance to feel a little like Carrie Bradshaw from the hit HBO series “Sex and the City.” The sale will be held at Arethusa Farm in Litchfield on Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and it benefits the Arethusa Farm Scholarship Fund, whose goal is to aid agriculture students …

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LITCHFIELD — The Manolo Blahnik sample shoe sale returns again this year, and women all over the region and beyond will get the chance to feel a little like Carrie Bradshaw from the hit HBO series “Sex and the City.” The sale will be held at Arethusa Farm in Litchfield on Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and it benefits the Arethusa Farm Scholarship Fund, whose goal is to aid agriculture …

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LITCHFIELD — The Manolo Blahnik sample shoe sale returns again this year, and women all over the region and beyond will get the chance to feel a little like Carrie Bradshaw from the hit HBO series “Sex and the City.” The sale will be held at Arethusa Farm in Litchfield on Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and it benefits the Arethusa Farm Scholarship Fund, whose goal is to aid agriculture …

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Jimmy Choo name ex-John Galliano CEO as new boss

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25 Jul 2012

Pierre Denis has been named as the new CEO of luxury accessories brand Jimmy Choo

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Jimmy Choo – Pierre Denis Is New Choo Ceo

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25 Jul 2012

Pierre Denis has become the new CEO of Jimmy Choo The former John Galliano SA general manager will replace Joshua Schulman who stepped down from the position in November 2011 after the shoe brand was bought by Labelux in May Reinhard Mieck c…

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